Our Story

Starfish photo Logo“I believe that ALL people were created to be of worth.  I have been blessed with an enormous amount of patience and insight in large part due to my own personal trials, struggles, and experiences.  I am constantly developing a team of people who share these same views.  My team and I are uniquely qualified to serve people who others consider insignificant.  I also believe that people with “Complex Needs” have a lot to teach the world about resilience, patience, and courage.”

Larrie Ellen Randall – Founder and Executive Director

We define “Complex Needs” as the combination of behavioral, intellectual, communication, and social needs that are barriers to success in any area of life.  Most people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, developmental disabilities, and other combinations of disorders, face multiple challenges which create even greater barriers to success.

At Starfish Savers we offer an array of services for people with complex needs ages 5 and up.  We can help improve a family member’s socially appropriate behaviors, personal interactions and skill sets required for successful participation in the community.  We have found that government sponsored programs run on thin budgets, have long waiting lists and minimum experience serving people with complex needs, who often require longer term support.  We offer coaching and training through a variety of methods and programs to help people with complex needs avoid becoming marginalized, invisible and placed outside of the community.

Starfish Savers is the only service provider that offers advocacy, individual and group social skills training as well as transition and employment services in community based settings to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities over their lifetime.  We believe that failure is not an option!  We apply our knowledge, passion, and commitment, as well as over 36 years of experience, to successfully serve people with complex needs.