Our guiding philosophy of self-determination puts our clients at the center of decision making processes.  We want to learn and understand the goals of our clients and help them to find a match between their goals, skills and available opportunities.  We teach self-advocacy skills so you can obtain the accommodations and support you need from disability services, tutoring centers, professors and employers to be your best.



Starfish Savers believes that everyone can learn to communicate their needs.  Being able to advocate for yourself is a huge step towards independence and dreams are attainable when you communicate effectively with others.  We can teach you how to communicate both professionally and casually while overcoming anxiety and other issues that have prevented your success.

We use a variety of techniques to help you achieve your communication goals, such as scripting, practice with our coaches, mock interviews and a lot of supported practice in the community.  You deserve the supports you need to help achieve your dreams!