Soft Skills

What are Soft Skills?

“Soft Skills” is a term used to identify everyday skills that are needed in both higher-level academics and work environments.  Soft skills are often identified as essential skills for post-secondary education and career opportunities.  Schools do not teach these skills as part of a curriculum, but we at Starfish Savers understand their importance and we teach them!

What are some of the most desired Soft Skills?

Communication in an age-appropriate manner is crucial to any situation.  People gain lasting impressions of others through body language and speech.4722035-untitled-3illustration-of-a-team-of-professional-solving-a-puzzle

Team Work is essential in almost every setting, making it a very desirable skill to work with others calmly and effectively.

Leadership is the ability to provide information and knowledge to others confidently and effectively to achieve a goal.

Problem Solving is the ability to define a problem and identify possible solutions to choose the best solution.

Self Motivation requires that a person works and participates without prompting or support to complete a task.

Time Management is the ability needed to balance a variety of  tasks quickly and efficiently.

How do we teach soft skills?

Starfish Savers LLC uses a variety of ABA principles to help our clients achieve their goals.  We use a high level of positive reinforcement and supports to increase self-confidence and progress.  We use prompting to help assist our clients in reaching their goals.  We tailor our support strategies based on the function or purpose of ineffective behaviors and habits  which are preventing success. We also use visual structured teaching based on the principles of TEACCH such as providing external organizational supports, providing visual and/or written information and structured step-by-step support.

We believe in client-centered planning and self-determination; meaning that each service plan is tailored to each individual.  Our client will receive written details of the supports, activities and resources required for the individual to reach their goals upon request in the form of an Individualized Service Plan.  The welfare of the client is always placed first in the development and follow-through of all plans.

We  help our client to break down complex goals into individual units to promote easier learning and improve retention of information.