Transition & Employment

Starfish Savers offers several options for assisting teens and adults as they build a portfolio regarding their interests, skills, careers goals, training requirements and beyond.

We have worked with many families of children with complex needs through their middle, high school, and early adult years, we have found that conversations about “when the bus stops coming” and “so what’s next” are not starting early enough.

We will take all of our clients through the steps necessary to become independent and/or moving towards their dream college or career.  Starfish Savers puts value in your opinions and strengths.  Using a variety of techniques, we help you become an attractive candidate for your dream job or education and help you through the application process.  We sit with you and answer questions you may have about finding the best fit.  You receive one-on-one instruction and your dreams are our priority.

In addition to helping you find a career or college of choice, should you choose, we will help you through day-to-day activities such as finding a social group, aiding with time management tasks and speaking with others about the accommodations you need to succeed.  We will help you stand tall every step of the way!