starfish on a tree trunk on the beach

Individualized Support for
People with Complex Needs

Changing Lives, One Little Success at a Time

What We Do at Starfish Savers

Does your child have trouble with impulse control, flexible thinking, or organization? Are they struggling in school? Do you or someone you love feel discouraged by social interaction, communication, or engaging with your community? Does it seem easier to stay at home and watch TV or play video games?

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty of watching a loved one navigate neurological or developmental challenges—particularly when there seem to be more failures than successes.



We will work with schools, employers, families, and communities to advocate for you and your exceptional loved one. We specialize in being a voice for people who struggle with developing their own.



One-on-one coaching will help to develop an individual’s strengths so they can feel the joy of small, but significant, successes. Everyone is good at something, and it’s our mission to find and develop that.

The People We Serve

If there’s been an autism, ADD, ADHD, or learning disorder diagnosis—or if there hasn’t—we provide individualized support to anyone who needs help navigating, interacting, and advocating for themselves, regardless of…

  • Complexity of Challenges
  • Diagnosis Status
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Geographical Location

Our goal is to provide solutions to everyday challenges in a positive and caring way—to anyone who needs our assistance. Here, all are welcomed and celebrated.

Learning print and web marketing from small business owner
Learning print and web marketing from small business owner
Meaningful engagement in high school life
Meaningful engagement in high school life
Volunteering to establish marketable work habits and soft skills
Volunteering to establish marketable work habits and soft skills

The Starfish Story

Why would a frail old man spend his days rescuing starfish from the beach? Throwing them back into the ocean, one at a time?

There are millions of starfish. He can’t possibly get to them all.

That old man has his reasons, and so do we.

Our Experience

For more than 45 years, Larrie Ellen has been working one-on-one with all types of exceptional people—with challenges ranging from simple learning disabilities to complex, co-existing disorders that make communication, social interaction and self-regulation incredibly difficult.

Every day, we use our know-how to help people overcome challenges and experience success. And with our new virtual coaching, even more people can experience success for themselves!